What is the ideal time for a massage?

Generally speaking, the only factors that limit the length of a massage are the endurance of the therapist and the length of time the client can stay on the table. Although the optimal length of a session varies from person to person, there are a few guidelines to help you determine the best session length to meet your needs.
Before exploring the factors that influence the duration of your massage, it should be noted that the most commonly available times are offered in 30 minute increments: 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes; the most common times being between 60 or 90 minutes. Although many salons operate under what is called a "spa hour" which is 50 minutes of massage time and 5 minutes before and after the session to lead the client to the cabin and give them instructions; But this is not the case at Massage-Concept because each hour reserved, i.e. the 60 minutes, is spent entirely on the table.

The first thing to consider when booking a massage is whether you want a full body massage or just a part of the body. Most massage therapists at Massage-Concept Paris are trained in top schools to provide full body relaxation massage (including face, head, neck, arms, chest, back, buttocks and legs ) in 60 minutes. Thus, this delay can generally be used as a reference.

Then you need to define your goal. Usually this is specific pain relief or just general relaxation. If relaxation is your goal, a 60- or 75-minute massage is usually appropriate. You can certainly do a longer session of 90 or 120 minutes if you want, but something much longer than this can tend to feel a bit repetitive or can leave you dizzy afterwards.

The specific requests made for our tailor-made massage generally take longer. So, if you want to relax with a specific neck workout, the 60-minute timeframe should allow you to enjoy both, but you may not be able to receive a full-body massage. A common compromise could be 45 minutes with specific neck work, but a reduced time of 30 minutes in the legs or glutes.

Working according to the guidelines established above, shorter and longer sessions also have their advantages / disadvantages. The duration of 30 minutes is ideal for specific work on 2 or 3 zones, or for a relaxation massage on only half of the body (up / down or front / back). The 120 minute time frame is most suitable if you have multiple (more than 4 or 5) areas that require specific work or if you have 3 or 4 areas that require specific work and still want a full body relaxation massage in addition to specific work.

See you soon at Massage-Concept Paris to discover the benefits of tailor-made massage