100% personalized massage

Our massage center in Paris and its tailor-made services

Do you want to personalize your massage? Our tailor-made massage center in Paris invites you to try the unique experience of tailor-made massage: massage adapted to your needs.

Massage Concept Paris, your professional massage center, offers you to compose your massage as you wish with its tailor-made massage. Each session is different, unique and suitable for everyone.

At the start of the session, choose, with your masseur(s), the areas of the body to be treated, the type of pressure to exert, the techniques to favor and the time to devote to the different body parts according to your needs.

The know-how, the expertise, the experience and the listening skills of our practitioners allow us today at our center massage to offer these tailor-made services, adapted to the needs of each of our customers.

Tailor-made professional Paris massage

Are you interested in tailor-made massage? Choose the specialist that suits you, discover the masseurs at the Massage Concept salon.

Are you two? Remember to book the double room for a DUO massage!

The massages practiced by the Massage Concept Paris salon are massages for relaxation and well-being. No other type of service is offered.

Discover the benefits of massage with our massage center in Paris!

More information

Place On a table or futon in a massage room
Outfit Dressed (light clothing to be expected) or underwear (provided)
Organic oil Of your choice
Possible durations 30', 45', 1h, 1h15, 1h30, 2h
Pressure On a table or futon in a massage room
Prices Starting from 60 €
In each of our areas, enjoy a private shower before or after your massage.
Choose music from our playlists (jazz, lounge, relaxation ...) or connect your mp3.
Cons-indications Tailor-made massage can sometimes be contraindicated for certain pathologies or for pregnant women. Consult your doctor.
The Massage Concept tips Do you dream of trying all the massages at once? Do you want a massage that is ideally suited to what you are feeling today? Whether you are used to massage or not, you will be amazed by your massage.