Californian massage, an "holistic approach"

Californian male massage at the massage-concept institute

The integration of the body as a whole, the awakening of sensitivity and the rediscovery of sensations, are the major principles of Californian massage.

Originally derived from the techniques of Swedish massage and the Esalen massage, invented in 1963 by a BigSur psychotherapy institute in California, the Californian massage is characterized by long, fluid and harmonious movements that sculpt and envelop the body, performed at a variable rate and tinged with listening and softness. Vigorous manipulations, selected according to the client's requirements, provide increased muscle relaxation, while the rockers and stretches invite you to let go by allowing you to find a sensory richness registered in the body. It is therefore a valuable tool, because it brings about the release of old tensions that prevent the flow of vital energy necessary for a person's development. This massage works deeply by stimulating cellular memory.

Californian woman massage at the massage-concept institute

This is Margareth Elke, a practitioner passionate about Gestalt therapy, follower of Swedish massage who enthusiastic about the softness of massage Esalen has largely contributed, from what she already practiced, to codify, structure and teach this new massage professionally, both in the United States and in France.

In the first place, the Californian massage is a massage of relaxation. The long global movements that frame a more specific intention that invite the person to connect to their own body, to accept it, to unify it and bring it to center.

During a session, the person can come into contact with sleeping parts of their body, an emotion hidden behind tension or simply feel their vital energy. This massage is made of an unconditional welcome where everything is played in the present moment. It is this set that gives the particularity of Californian massage. This is why the term holistic has all its meaning.

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In terms of possible benefits, they are many and varied. It is a support for the physical, nervous, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and it contributes in this sense to a better blood supply to the tissues, thanks to the drainage of the venous and lymphatic circulation.

It promotes the return to nervous balance due to the calming effect caused by the stimulation of many nerve endings during the application of movements.

A psychological effect pushing the person's development, favoring a better structuring of the personality, a better perception of his body diagram and an increase in his personal gaze and his support.

A connection to his inner source, by listening to the messages offered by his body in this outer space.

Confused, anxious or stressed people may find it beneficial to try this massage because it allows a return to oneself, a gentle moment of relaxation and letting go.

For people who are experiencing major changes in their body (babies, children, adolescents, pregnant women, aging, slimming, etc.), this process will allow them to become aware of and harmoniously integrate these changes. People in therapy or who have experienced various psychological and or physical trauma, will find a good complement to their approach thanks to the awakening of their body memory, they will be able to activate essential areas, creating the release of emotions, contained in their body armor. . They will be able to combine the physical and psychological aspects of their life.

The other fundamental element is breathing, it is the tool capable of developing receptivity in both the recipient and the donor. This is why the person who receives is invited, as soon as he is stretched out on the table, to become aware of the circuit of the air through his nostrils to the pit of his stomach. The more full, natural and gentle the breathing, the more it can fully reach its inner dimensions. This breathing training is not easy for everyone. Also, the massage therapist has a particularly important role to play as a guide and teacher at this level. With the letting go of the receiver and the measure of respect, welcome and benevolence of the massage therapist, the ritual and dynamics of massage can take hold.

By this holistic approach, the depth and the softness combined with the interiority and the integrality of its approach, the Californian massage allows to install a deep physical and mental relaxation and to contact a harmony which brings a feeling of well-being and fullness.

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