The French Massage

The French massage, An exclusive Massage Concept

Nicolas M., masseur and trainer for 15 years, was interested and passionate about the history of massage. For two years, he brought together grimoires and sketches in order to build an original massage.

This massage will transport you on a journey of well-being spanning 2000 years of history.

Thanks to a particularly important work on the feet, the hands and the face, it thus offers a letting go and an extraordinary relaxation, difficult not to succumb to it !

It is also a sustained muscular work, adapted to your sensitivity, on the back, the legs and the belly, cradle of emotions, this will complete the experience that promises to be unique...

The French massage in Paris

Are you interested in the French massage in Paris? Choose the specialist that suits you, discover the masseurs at the Massage Concept institute.

Are you two or a couple? Remember to book the duo room for a DUO massage !

The massages practiced by the Massage Concept Paris salon are massages for relaxation and well-being. No other type of service is offered.

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Place On the table in a massage room
Outfit In underwear (provided)
Organic oil Yes
Possible durations 1h15, 1h30, 2h
Pressure On the table in a massage room
Prices Starting from 95 €
In each of our areas, enjoy a private shower before or after your massage.
Choose music from our playlists (jazz, lounge, relaxation ...) or connect your mp3.
Cons-indications The French Massage can sometimes be contraindicated for certain pathologies or for pregnant women. Consult your doctor.
The Massage Concept tips A must try if you need significant and relaxing muscle relaxation!