Korean Relaxation

Korean relaxation in Paris

Massage Concept Paris, your massage center, invites you to discover Korean relaxation in Paris . True art of living in Korea, Korean relaxation is an ancient therapy based on massages of "Chinese" tradition . The Traditional Korean Massage in Paris, at Massage Concept, combines, very gently , the mobilization of all the joints of the body, the muscles, the massage of the extremities (hands, head, feet), by vibrations , swaying , rotations , stretching , smoothing .. ., for very great relaxation .

The benefits of Korean relaxation .

Massage Concept Paris presents the benefits of Korean relaxation: this type of massage brings you great relaxation throughout the body, by letting go of the body, mind , by a relaxation of all tensions. In addition to providing flexibility in the body , Korean relaxation improves quality of life : provides better sleep , soothes the mind , reduces stress , brings a real feeling of well-being .

Professional Korean Relaxation

Are you interested in Korean relaxation in Paris? Choose the specialist that suits you, discover the masseurs of the Massage Concept salon.

The massages practiced by the Massage Concept Paris salon are relaxation and well-being massages. No other type of service is offered.

More information

Place Floor on futon in massage room
Outfit Dressed (light clothes to be expected)
Possible durations 30', 45', 1h
Pressure Floor on futon in massage room
Prices Starting from 60 €
In each of our areas, enjoy a private shower before or after your massage.
Choose music from our playlists (jazz, lounge, relaxation ...) or connect your mp3.
Cons-indications Korean relaxation can sometimes be contraindicated for certain pathologies (all people having undergone recent surgery, all inflammatory conditions) for people wearing a prosthesis, or for pregnant women. Consult your doctor.
The Massage Concept tips We recommend Korean relaxation to people with a need to relax, feeling stressed, anxious, or just want to relax deeply.