Face massage

The Face massage in Paris

Massage Concept Paris, your massage institute, invites you to discover the Face massage in Paris .


Face massage is a holistic anti-aging protocol that gives you immediate visible results! Your face is magnified, lifted and plumped naturally.

The Face massage will allow the work of the facial muscles, neck and bust, provides nutrients to the treated area, the fibroblasts being stimulated, allow faster renewal of collagen and allows the skin to regain its suppleness and its elasticity, immediately. The aging process is reduced, through regular practice, such as sports training.

The benefits of Face massage are the reduction of wrinkles and imperfections; softening and elasticity of the skin; facial muscle toning; activation and improvement of blood circulation; reduction of stress and anxiety; improved sleep; evacuation of toxins by the lymphatic system, promoting a natural drainage of the body ....

You are in a relationship ? Remember to book the Hands in hands duo room for a massage where the tables are close together.

More information

Place On the table in a massage room
Outfit Dressed (light clothing to be expected) or underwear (provided)
Organic oil Yes
Possible durations 30', 45'
Pressure On the table in a massage room
Prices Starting from 60 €
In each of our areas, enjoy a private shower before or after your massage.
Choose music from our playlists (jazz, lounge, relaxation ...) or connect your mp3.
Cons-indications Face massage can sometimes be contraindicated for certain pathologies or for pregnant women. Consult your doctor.
The Massage Concept tips With a light to moderate pressure, the Face massage is ideal to restore the youthfulness of the skin, to rejuvenate your face in regular practice. It is also intended for stressed people who are looking to relax.