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Traditional Chinese massage in Paris

Massage Concept Paris, your massage institute, invites you to discover the Chinese massage commonly known as the Tuina massage. Chinese massage is part of the healing arts of ancient traditional Chinese medicine. The term "Tui" means to push and "Na" to grab.

The masseurs of our Chinese massage salon in Paris work the muscles first to relax them and then linger on the acupuncture points to free the areas of tension and stimulate the energy circulation.

Chinese massage, known as energy massage would bring relief for joints and muscle pain, it would also promote blood circulation by rebalancing the energy blockages. In addition to relieving certain pains, Chinese massage would strengthen vitality and well-being, thus stimulating the immune system.

Professional tuina chinese massage

Are you interested in Chinese massage in Paris? Choose the specialist that suits you, discover the masseurs at the Massage Concept salon.

Are you two or a couple? Remember to book the double room for a DUO massage !

The massages practiced by the Massage Concept Paris salon are massages for relaxation and well-being. No other type of service is offered.

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Place On a table or futon in a massage room
Outfit Dressed (light clothes to be expected)
Possible durations 45', 1h, 1h15, 1h30
Pressure On a table or futon in a massage room
Prices Starting from 65 €
In each of our areas, enjoy a private shower before or after your massage.
Choose music from our playlists (jazz, lounge, relaxation ...) or connect your mp3.
Cons-indications Chinese massage can sometimes be contraindicated for certain pathologies or for pregnant women. Consult your doctor.
The Massage Concept tips We recommend Chinese massage if you are in a situation of extreme fatigue, stress or significant nervous tension.