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tired man in office

Sitting well in front of my computer ?

Thousands of hours in front of a computer results in poor posture which seriously affects the spine, shoulders, hips and knees. In fact, it can cause a cascade of structural defects that lead to back and joint pain, reduced flexibility, and squeezed muscles, which limits your ability to burn fat, maintain joint flexibility, and build strength.

Does that mean anything to you ?


a seated woman massages her painful neck

So before coming to Massage-concept Paris for a Swedish massage and deeply relaxing your muscles, today we give 3 tips to overcome this evil of our digital world.

First of all know that your head is under permanent tension and generates stiff muscles in the neck, so to make it all more flexible, move your head, drop your chin down and towards your breastbone while stretching the neck . Stay like this for 5 seconds and repeat this movement at least every hour.


a man sitting massages his painful shoulder

For the shoulders,it is the unconscious back and forth between the rounded and raised posture that poses a problem and altogether creates a weakness in the middle and lower parts of your trapezius (the large muscle that stretches over your shoulders and your back), as well as the weakening of the muscle under your chest (running from your ribs to your shoulder blades).
▪ Lie face down on the floor, with each arm at a 90 degree angle in the up position.
▪ Without changing your elbow angle, raise both arms by pulling your shoulders back and squeezing your shoulder blades together.
▪ Then sit up straight in a chair, hands next to your hips, palms down on the seat, arms straight..
▪ Without moving your arms, push down on the chair until your hips lift off the seat and your torso lifts.
Hold these postures for five seconds; do two or three sets of 12 reps per day.

Lower back...

a seated woman massages her lower back

Regarding the famous tilt of the anterior pelvis which compresses the hip flexors...
▪ you go and kneel on your left knee, with your right foot on the ground in front of you, knee bent.
▪ You press forward until you feel the stretch in your left hip.
▪ Strongly squeeze your butt muscles on your left side until you feel the front of your hip stretch comfortably.
▪ Reach upward with your left arm and stretch to the right side.
Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and do three on each side.

Here is by following these 3 little tips you will find a correct and comfortable posture in front of your dear computer !

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