Quality charter

Commitment n°1: The quality of services

The quality and authenticity of a massage is a point of honor for Massage Concept masseurs. We exclusively offer services that the members of our team have practiced durably in their careers. Total customer satisfaction is paramount.

Commitment 2: Personalization

A massage is a mix of movements, sensations and feelings. We are all different, that is why the masseurs at Massage Concept will adapt the massages to your needs and expectations. Dialogue is fundamental.

Commitment n°3: Listening

Our Concept is based above all, on monitoring the level of satisfaction and suggestions from our customers. Each Massage Concept client should expect to be consulted many times in order to assess, suggest, recommend and discuss with us on different themes. Massage Concept is above all the space of thosequi participent à en faire un lieu unique.

Commitment 4: Recruitment

The Massage Concept recruitment process includes several phases. First of all, a careful selection of candidates where professional, personal and training qualities are carefully studied. Each of the selected candidates must then demonstrate their dexterity in the practice of modeling. Finally, it is after consulting the candidate's credentials that he can join the team. All our recruitments include the same attention to guarantee our visitors the best level of service.

Commitment 5: Confidentiality

Our masseurs rigorously respect professional secrecy. On the other hand, all payments made in our salon are made to the company WMA.

Commitment 6: Hygiene

Because massage touches intimacy, we pay infinite attention to maintaining impeccable hygiene in our massage rooms.

Commitment 7: Contraindications

Before each service, the masseur or masseuse will ensure with conviction that the constitution of the visitor is compatible with the massages well being practiced by Massage Concept. Relaxation massage, called modeling, is by no means a recognized medical remedy.

Any doubt about a medical condition requires asking for a favorable opinion from your doctor beforehand.